From the desk of Rabbi Leonard (Yehuda) Blank MS, BCC
Director of Chaplaincy Commission and External Affairs
Rabbinical Alliance of America/ Igud HaRabbonim

I continue to receive referrals requesting job positions as chaplains in health care facilities and other institutions. Even though some of those seeking such positions have various types of educational degrees, there is no substitute for Clinical Pastoral Education and if possible, to seek Board Certification from a reputable chaplaincy organization authorized to confer BCC. Many well-known hospitals and other health related facilities request their chaplains to have taken CPE. I have been asked though, is it possible a health care facility would be willing to accept someone without CPE- my response-that is up to the requirements of each individual institution. For additional information about CPE, where CPE is given please contact me at the email or cell number given above. Please note, that CPE is an intensive course and just like any other degree or certificate program, it is not for everybody.

It is truly unbelievable how many organizations, elected officials and others are in the forefront of addressing anti-Semitism in one way or another. Our own Rabbi Mirocznik just had an event With approximately 300 Staten Island community leaders ,residents, elected official, police, clergy and others attending. I just would like to make mention about Rabbi Chaim Rottenberg, and his address at the State of the State New York Assembly and State Senate in Albany this past week. As you know some of his congregants were seriously injured in a home terrorist attack on Chanukah. What a Kiddush H to witness a Chassidic rabbi speak so sincerely and exhilarating dressed in his Chassidic garb, with long peyosim flowing. He spoke so eloquently, with a heart filled with thanks to the Aibershta and also offering his appreciation to the Governor, police and others. What a wonderful ambassador not just for Chasidim , but for all of Klal Yisrael.

At the 13th Siyum HaShas, there were men and women who attended in the cold weather at MetLife Stadium from all Jewish backgrounds. No one had to be a member of Agudah, but of wanting to join together with achdus for Kvod HaTorah and Kvod Lshaim Shamayim. The world witnessed how it is possible also at the Barklay Center and at other locations throughout the world, the wonderful midos that could be seen and heard from the many news accounts about those who attended . But we must not forget, no matter how much we try to be who we are , all the chesed that is done, all the constant Kiddush H, we must not let our guard’s down. There is a time for action, a time to speak up, a time for appropriate collaborations, a time for achdus, but all the time, never forgetting we too are ambassadors of the Aibershta.

Not long ago Agudah published lists of hundreds of orthodox professionals who attended mainstream yeshivos, graduated and obtained professional degrees and have retained their identity as being orthodox . The Rabbinical Alliance of America/Igud HaRabbonim takes pride in having a membership of distinguished rabbonim many who are also in the professional world.

We offer opportunities through different venues to pursue advanced degrees and certificates as well as for their spouses and adult children and will continue to bring to light new and different programs in the months ahead. This includes informative and educational programs and events which are beneficial for rabbonim in particular.

And now more news from TTI about the famous COPE Jr. Accounting program. With TTI, students begin with COPE’s Jr. Accounting program. This is a series of accounting and business courses that result in a Jr. Accounting certificate, as well as college credits that are applicable to a full degree. Once students complete the program and affirm that they would like to continue on for the full Bachelors of Accounting, leading to the CPA exams, they continue with TTI’s guidance through the program. RAA members would receive their TTI membership discount at that point.

This program has graduated many successful graduates, many of whom have positions in prestigious firms across the country.

Classes begin on February 24th and classes begin one week before the program begins.

This round is for men only. The women and mens classes will begin again in September.

(PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED AD) For additional information please contact TTI or myself.

COPE is a division of Agudath Israel of America Community Services Inc.