Five essential reasons to join the Rabbinical Alliance of America

by Rabbi Mendel Mirocznik
Executive Vice President, RAA/IGUD

1) Chavrusa: Rabbis need to have friends and a place to which they can turn for support and encouragement. Whatever setting a rabbi is in, be it the pulpit, classroom or chaplaincy, etc., the rabbi faces constraints that in the interaction with the people to whom he ministers. The Rabbinical Alliance of America/IGUD fosters a warm environment for rabbis by encouraging its membership to develop friendships, sharing experiences and advocating for each other as colleagues and friends.

2) Limud HaTorah: Rabbis need to have a platform where they discuss Torah and Halacha among fellow scholars. The RAA/IGUD is the address where one may present Torah ideas and discuss positions that will positively impact Klal Yisrael. The Rabbinical Alliance of America/IGUD exists to further Torah Judaism and improve the position of the Rabbinate to serve and to influence the community.

As a rabbinical organization, our membership is comprised of rabbis who want to see the Jewish people and Judaism flourish in accordance with our mesorah. Our member rabbis hail from all segments of the Orthodox Jewish community. As such, we are not beholden to any particular agenda or establishment interest. We encourage our members to engage in our Torah forums and to present position papers for peer review and adoption. The popular Monthly Rosh Chodesh Kinus Torah and Seudas Rosh Chodesh encourages Torah scholarship that broadens our knowledge and assists rabbis to better serve Klal Yisrael.

3) Achi Ezer: In times of crises, a rabbi needs an advocate and a listening ear to advise. The RAA/IGUD advises and supports its member rabbis through its network of senior rabbis and Beth Din. The Rabbinical Alliance of America is available to support its member rabbis 365 days a year and is committed to championing the needs of its members.

4) Kovod HaRabbonus: Professional affiliation. The Rabbinical Alliance of America is a professional association of rabbis.  Of course, we recognize that the rabbinate is a sacred calling and not merely a profession. But the reality is that rabbis need to be associated as a professional body to advance the status of Kovod HaRav within the community.

5) Daas Torah: Serving as the collective voice of the American rabbinate. As a 75-year old rabbinic organization, the RAA/Igud is well positioned to promote Torah true positions to American Jewry and to society at large.

These includes strengthening the standards of our mesorah by voicing our opinions to the public via mass media on social issues, e.g. Sheva Mitzvos of Bnei Noach and matters pertaining to Israel and the Jewish Community the world over.

By joining the RAA/IGUD, you help strengthen the status of the rabbinate and increase our voice in influencing the growth and integrity of Torah standards within American Jewry.

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