JP Luach Last Days of Pesach

The Jewish Press Weekly Luach
by Rav Yaakov Klass

Vol. LIX No. 17, 5779
New York City
April 26, 2019 – 21 Nissan 5779
7:28 p.m. NYC E.D.T.

Sabbath Ends: 8:32 p.m. NYC E.D.T.
Sabbath Ends: Rabbenu Tam 9:00 p.m. NYC E.D.T
Weekly Reading: Last Days Pesach (see below)
Weekly Haftara: Last Days Pesach (see below)
Daf Yomi: Bechoros 9
Mishna Yomit: Sanhedrin 10:6-11:1
Halacha Yomit: Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chayyim 500:3-5
Rambam Yomi: Hilchos Kelim chap 27 – Hilchos Mikva’os chap.1
Earliest time for tallis and tefillin: 5:08 a.m. NYC E.D.T.
Sunrise: 6:01 a.m. NYC E.D.T
Latest Kerias Shema: 9:27 a.m. NYC E.D.T.
Sunset: 7:46 p.m. NYC E.D.T.
Sefiras HaOmer: 6 [...Click headline above for more...] 

The Rabbinical Alliance of America Condemns the Terrorist Murders in Sri Lanka

The Rabbinical Alliance of America – Igud Harabbonim, representing nearly one thousand Rabbis serving throughout the United States – condemns the deadly blasts that hit Sri Lanka that killed nearly 300 people and injured more than 500 other people in simultaneous terrorist attacks at several high-end hotels and churches on Easter Sunday. [...Click headline above for more...]