Igud Halacha Challenge, Elul 5778

The Va’ad Halacha of Igud HaRabbonim is pleased to share with you the results of the Av 5778 Igud Halacha Challenge, along with the excellent answers submitted, demonstrating the learning and knowledge within Igud HaRabbonim. We congratulate Rav Duvid Katz on winning the monthly prize. Each month, we circulate a she’eilah to members of Igud HaRabbonim. Members can send answers in Hebrew to Igud.Halacha@gmail.com. The Igud member who submits the best answer (as decided by an editorial panel) will receive a cash prize of $50. The next month, the answers received will be published (with light editing) along with answers received from poskim and mechabrim. In addition to the joy of Torah learning, these she’eilos and teshuvos can be used in your shi’urim. [...] 

JP Luach Re’eh 5778

The Jewish Press Weekly Luach
by Rav Yaakov Klass

Vol. LXIX No. 32 5778

New York City
August 10, 2018 – 29 Av 5778
7:42 p.m. NYC E.D.T.

Sabbath Ends: 8:44 p.m. NYC E.D.T.
Sabbath Ends: Rabbenu Tam 9:12 p.m. NYC E.D.T.
Weekly Reading: Re’eh
Weekly Haftara: Hashamayim Kis’i (Yeshayahu 66:1-24 see below)
Daf Yomi: Zevachim 119
Mishna Yomit: Sota 1:2-3
Halacha Yomit: Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chayyim 340:14 – 341:2
Rambam Yomi: Hilchos Sanhedrin chap. 16-18
Earliest time for Tallis and Tefillin: 5:06 a.m. NYC E.D.T.
Sunrise: 6:01 a.m. NYC E.D.T.
Latest Kerias Shema: 9:31 a.m. NYC E.D.T.
Sunset: 8:00 p.m. NYC E.D.T.
Pirkei Avos: 5 [...] 

Rabbinical Alliance of America Lauds Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce’s Support for Los Angeles Immigrant Business

The Rabbinical Alliance of America — Igud HaRabbonim, with a membership of over 950 Orthodox Rabbis — praises the Wall Street-based Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce in their support of the grand opening of Asher Caffé and Lounge in the Boyle Heights section of Los Angeles against anti-Semitic protest. [...]