A wedding is the creation of a new family by joining two individuals with their own family backgrounds. When infused with Jewish tradition, a wedding sets a path for the new couple that merges the past with the future. It is a joyous time, full of love and emotion. It can also be a stressful time because of all the planning and details. Igud HaRabbonim can help you experience the wedding you want. If you are Jewish then, regardless of your background or level of religious affiliation, Igud HaRabbonim can serve you as it does all Jews.

Members of the organization are registered to perform weddings and legally ordained as rabbis. More importantly, they are experienced in creating weddings full of joy and tradition.

They can help with obtaining or designing a kesubah that fits both tradition and the couples esthetic desires.

The rabbi can facilitate a prenuptial agreement, if is desired. Such an agreement must fit each couple’s circumstances, tailored for the moment. An experienced rabbi will help the couple navigate this sensitive but important area to ensure that everyone is comfortable entering the marriage.

A couple needs to prepare spiritually to unite as one. Part of that preparation is learning the Jewish guidelines to intimacy, what are commonly called chosson classes and kallah classes. These classes can meet in groups or individually, depending on each person’s comfort level. It is crucial to bring Jewish wisdom to your marriage, so you can enjoy the success of the ages in establishing a Jewish home. Rabbis and rebbetzins associated with Igud HaRabbonim can serve as your guides.

Before the wedding, a bride immerses in a mikveh. Igud HaRabbonim can help you locate one near you and schedule an appointment with a female guide.

The actual ceremony — the chuppah and sheva brachos — requires expertise that sometimes surprises the uninitiated. The Talmud specifically says that people without expertise must refrain from performing weddings because seemingly minor details can lead to religiously invalid marriages. When it comes to this important religious ritual, do not settle for someone lacking religious training and expertise. Use the services of Igud HaRabbonim to experience a proper Jewish wedding.