The kosher diet is a source of spiritual energy, a way to bring Hashem’s guidance into our bodies and souls. By following the laws of kosher and avoiding forbidden foods despite our desires, we show our commitment to Hashem above all else. The details of these rules can be confusing at first, but they demonstrate our faith in Hashem and our fidelity to tradition.

For decades, Igud HaRabbonim has run a kosher service under the label Aleph K. Primarily, the organization serves the consumer public by answering questions and providing guidance on how to perform key activities such as:

  • Bedikas tola’im – checking vegetables for insects
  • Kashering a home kitchen for the entire year or for Pesach
  • Learning about kosher meat and fish
  • Understanding the different kosher symbols and agencies

Please contact the office to learn more about the kosher services available.