Publication: Teshuvah Regarding Hadassim Mixups

Igud HaRabbonim is proud to publish a teshuvah regarding ownership of Haddasim by our respected Dayan, HoRav Yehoshua Grunwald shlit”a, in advance of the upcoming Sukkos holiday.

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Kol Brisk on Tisha B’Av

Igud Halacha Challenge, Iyar 5779

Milk for Four Cups at the Seder

If you cannot afford wine for the Seder, can you use milk for the Four Cups?

Igud Halacha Challenge Iyar 5779

This month’s she’eilah for you to consider and answer:


אם רב שכח לספור ספירת העומר, האם יש איזה היתר בשבילו לספור בברכה בציבור כדי לא להתבייש? [...Click headline above for more...]