In some situations, a rabbi’s career can be advanced with the help of secular degrees. Particularly in chinuch, rabbonus and chaplaincy, a college and/or graduate degree can impress hiring boards and achieve higher salaries. Igud HaRabbonim provides the following information as a service to its members, without endorsing any specific program.

Igud HaRabbonim brings to your attention a valuable program that allows rabbonim and yeshiva-trained students to achieve undergraduate and graduate degrees that will help them advance in their careers. The Yeshiva Initiatives Educational Programs (YIEP) was developed by our chaveir Rav Pesach Lerner, in conjunction with Bellevue University in Nebraska, to fit the unique worldviews and time constraints of rabbonim and yeshivaleit. This tried and true program began in 2004 and has expanded significantly since then, offering multiple degrees that accept yeshiva credits yet still train students in their chosen field of studies.

In particular, the MS in Clinical Counseling fits well with different rabbinic jobs. Other graduate and undergraduate degrees are available, as well, as described at Those who pursue careers in chinuch will find that school boards often give preference and higher salaries to mechanchim with university degrees. Rabbonim are able to impress search committees and shul boards with their university credentials. These degrees are resume toppers, items that make potential employers take notice and look more carefully at an applicant’s abilities to teach and lead. The knowledge is valuable and the degree is impressive. This program, organized and run al taharas hakodesh, offer students a crucial edge in attaining leadership roles in the Jewish community.

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