The Rabbinical Alliance of America Statement on Comparing Covid and Other Issues to the Holocaust

The Rabbinical Alliance of America—Igud HaRabbonim, representing over 950 American rabbis—observes the increasing behavior of prominent politicians, community leaders and media personalities of using the Holocaust as a reference and comparing to Nazi atrocities a variety of contemporary issues such as lockdown measures, reactions to Covid and the attack on the Capitol. Many times, the people making these comparisons may not be aware of the pain and hurt caused by these comments and comparisons. [...Click headline above for more...] 

The Rabbinical Alliance of America Calls for A National Return to Civility, Dialogue and Respect

The Rabbinical Alliance of America—Igud HaRabbonim, representing over 950 American rabbis—calls for a national return to civility, dialogue and respect. Tragically, we live in challenging times in terms of political, racial and religious divisiveness that has torn our country asunder in so many ways. Moreover, each day we all delicately negotiate the deadliest pandemic in modern times. People are struggling on an existential basis and our collective soul has been severely challenged in ways that we never thought possible. [...Click headline above for more...] 

Retirement Plan: Now Open – More Information

Dear Rabbi,

The Igud HaRabbanim / Rabbinical Alliance of America, a national Orthodox Rabbinical organization, is committed to the support of its member Rabbonim in all aspects of their professional lives. Thus, we offer assistance with regard to discussing and answering שאלות, networking with other Rabbonim in communal endeavors, referring litigants or couples to our Beis Din, providing Rabbonim with contract guidance and career counseling, and, most recently, providing a retirement plan that is specifically tax-advantaged for Rabbonim and Mechanchim. [...Click headline above for more...] 

Divrei Torah: Va’eira

New Publication: Halachic Discussions vol 1 issue 2

Attached is a new publication of halachic essays published by Igud HaRabbonim, the Rabbinical Alliance of America. Topics include the timely and the timeless, applying texts and sources from across the generations to contemporary life. While the primary language of halacha is Hebrew, for logistical reasons this is being published in English. [...Click headline above for more...]