The Rabbinical Alliance of America/Igud HaRabbonim is proud to announce the availability of a Rabbi’s Retirement Plan set up as an exclusive benefit for members of the RAA/IGUD.

As a rabbi, you are preforming an important task as Klay Kodesh. The RAA/IGUD as your Rabbinic organization wants to provide you with a Retirement Plan that will allow you to retire with respect and dignity. (click on image to the right to enlarge)

The plan has been designed by PenServ, a full service retirement and benefits company.

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You can contact PenServe at or (803) 409-1479

This plan is only available to rabbis who are members in good standing of the RAA/IGUD. Please click here to join the RAA/IGUD.

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With much gratitude to Hashem, the Rabbinical Alliance of America — Igud HaRabbonim, representing over 950 American Orthodox Rabbis — announces the formation and availability of our new Rabbis Group Retirement Plan.                                                                          

The Rabbinical Alliance of America is thankful to our volunteer special advisor, Mr. Gary Kopstick, who spent countless hours developing the plan in conjunction with Ms. Susan D. Diehl, president of PenServ Plan Services, Inc. 

Mr. Kopstick, a Toronto native, is a retired tax partner from the highly respected Canadian accounting firm of Crowe, Soberman LLP. Mr. Kopstick brings to the Rabbinical Alliance of America a wealth of knowledge and invaluable advice, for which we are extremely grateful.

Great features provided by the plan, which is available to members of the Rabbinical Alliance of America, include: 

  • Account set-up
  • Available to any individual in good standing with Rabbinical Alliance of America             
  • Easy transfer of contributions
  • On-line investment elections
  • Transfers from other 403b or qualified plans
  • Rollovers from IRAs or Other Employer Plans
  • Choice Pre-tax or Roth Contributions
  • Automatic Account Rebalance
  • Conform to Target Investment Allocations
  • Dedicated account team to assist participants

The Rabbinical Alliance of America appreciates the legal services of Robert Friedman, Esq., a partner in the highly respected global law firm of  Holland & Knight LLP. The firm’s expertise covers a variety of areas that range from commercial litigation, regulatory matters, mergers and acquisitions, real estate and government advocacy. Robert Friedman, Esq. applied his acute legal acumen in carefully reviewing the retirement plan to make certain that it meets the needs of the Rabbinical Alliance of America.

According to Rabbi Yaakov Klass, presidium chairman of the Rabbinical Alliance of America, “Words cannot express our gratitude and appreciation to Gary Kopstick for organizing the framework for our retirement plan and for working with Ms. Susan Diehl and Robert Friedman in bringing to the rabbis a great benefit. This retirement plan will offer rabbis the opportunity to live respectably in their retirement. May Gary, Ms. Susan Diehl and Robert be blessed for their efforts in enhancing the Rabbinate.”

Rabbi Mendy Mirocznik, executive vice-president of the Rabbinical Alliance of America stated, “The Retirement plan helps to bring a high-level of professionalism to the rabbinate, which hopefully will help attract a new generation of rabbis to a sacred calling. Thanks to the efforts of. Gary Kopstick, Ms. Susan Diehl and Robert Friedman, we are able to offer to the rabbis an opportunity to properly prepare for their retirement.”

For information on how to join the Rabbinical Alliance of America or about the retirement plan please contact