Join the new RAA/Igud affinity retirement plan, a membership benefit that will save you money!

Save money in your retirement through Rabbinical Alliance of America/Igud HaRabbonim’s new retirement plan. This is a cutting-edge affinity retirement plan with robust investment opportunities at low expense rates, available only to members of RAA/Igud.

The new affinity retirement (defined contribution) plan qualifies for special “church plan” tax treatment that allows parsonage treatment for a portion of retirement distributions. This is the only way that parsonage can be taken tax-free from retirement distributions, just like from regular income. Potentially, this can save you thousands of dollars in your retirement compared to any other retirement plan. (Consult your financial advisor for guidance)

There are many ways to participate, including:

  1. Set aside a regular amount from your own salary that you receive from your shul, yeshiva or non-profit organization
  2. Your employer contributes regularly to your retirement fund. This is an opportunity for shul boards to set aside money each year to help their rabbi prepare for retirement.
  3. Transfer your eligible IRA or retirement plan from any non-profit or for-profit organization

Easy Access – Once your plan is set up, you will be able to access your information and change your asset allocation at no charge through the website and telephone operators of Principal Financial Group, a Fortune 500 company that will be the Plan Recordkeeper.

Regular Updates – Quarterly reports on investment funds are prepared by Dennis Leahy, a Plan Advisor who provides detailed analyses of the plan’s funds.

Professionally Managed – Annual tax documents (Form 5500) will be prepared by Associated Pension Consultants Inc., the Plan Administrator.

  Members: View the robust invest options in this confidential report: link to PDF

Listen to our conference call on this plan: link to recording

To get started, fill out the form below to arrange for a call with our plan advisors to discuss your options: