COVID-19 Update July 23 & 25, 2020

Rabbi Aaron E. Glatt, MD

Not surprisingly, we have another week of mixed Covid-19 news.

COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths unfortunately continue to increase across the US, approaching the horrific peak April levels. Fortunately, new US cases rose less rapidly than a week ago. Restrictions instituted were helpful in curbing some spread. Unfortunately, travelers from 10 more states (31 states now in total) were added to our tristate region quarantine list. Fortunately, despite all of the increases in the US, we Boruch Hashem have NOT seen significant complications in the Five Towns. [...Click headline above for more...] 

Rav Dr. Aaron Glatt: Covid Update July 16 & July 18

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Below is an update on the Covid situation from Rav Dr. Aaron Glatt, RAA/Igud’s Director of Halacha and Medicine Commision, dated July 9, 2020 (the situation changes day to day). He will provide a live update on Motzei Shabbos, July 18 at 9:45pm NY time [...Click headline above for more...]