Igud Halacha Challenge, Adar 1 5779

Approbations: Who Goes First?

Should a kohen’s approbation to a sefer go first?

Enclosed are this month’s she’eilah about honoring an entering rabbi during another rabbi’s speech and answers to she’eilos of the last two months regarding the precedence of kohanim and weddings in and out of Jerusalem. Please send answers to this month’s question to Igud.Halacha@gmail.com. [...Click headline above for more...] 

Igud Halacha Challenge, Sivan 5778

Skipping mitzvos regarding Torah learning

Yeshivos sometimes start learning Maseches Kesubos from Perek Eilu Na’aros (the third chapter) or Maseches Bava Basra from Perek Chezkas Habatim (the third chapter). Why isn’t there a concern for the prohibition against skipping mitzvos, since when they open the Gemara they arrive at the first chapter? [...Click headline above for more...]