NASCK TEAM Shabbos new programs

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Dear TEAM Rabbi,

Thank you for being part of this year’s TEAM Shabbos program.

While we still encourage you to create derashos and shiurim as always, we have created a webinar series that will enable important conversations for congregants who are not in shul.

We have attached a file describing these webinars.
Please distribute it as widely as possible, including:
* Putting it on your shul’s website
* Sending it via email to your kehillah
* Printing it for placement in shul
We have attached both color and black and white copies of the flyer for your convenience.

Please encourage your members to register for the webinars, especially for topics you deem most important for your community.
* If your kehillah contains young families, please especially encourage them to view the webinar on life insurance with Rabbi Paysach Krohn.
* If they have not yet enacted halachic living wills, this is an excellent time to do so. We have scheduled a step-by-step halachic living will sign-up webinar at five different times, in order to maximize the convenience of executing this crucial document.

We will be sending you our color brochure in a pdf rather than print format this year.
It has been expanded to include lessons learned from Covid, and we believe it will make for interesting reading, lively dialogue, and, be”H, the taking of appropriate and responsible action.
Please look for it in your inbox next week.

Thank you, as always for your partnership.

Wishing you a Gut Shabbos,
Rabbi Elchonon Zohn

PS Please forward this email to other shuls, rabbanim, Chabad shluchim and kiruv organizations so that they may also register for TEAM Shabbos, and bring its benefits to their community.
Click below to download PDF versions of the fliers: