by Rabbi Yehoshua S. Hecht
Spiritual leader Beth Israel Chabad of Westport/Norwalk CT
Member Presidium Rabbinical Alliance of America -IGUD HARABONIM 

Chabad Chassidim and Jewish communities throughout the world will mark the 29th YAHRZEIT (day of passing) of the Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory, on Thursday the third day of the month Tammuz, corresponding to June 22nd

The Rebbe’s clarion call and directive for a new world order with the advent of the Messiah, ignites the minds and hearts of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, the world over, to think about the transformation and elevation of our world, which is suffering from an acute lack of leadership and vision. 

Wherever one looks, be it the USA or the countries that make up the so-called western world, there is a crushing lack of moral and ethical vision and leadership. From the White House to number ten Downing Street, from the Elysée to the EU in Brussels, the absence of moral clarity and cooperation is troubling and alarming. 

The Rebbe’s call that we work towards a new world order that is under the sovereignty of G-D and His righteous Messiah, the scion of the house of King David of blessed memory, is actual, attainable, and increasingly relevant to our generation. 

Historically, the third day of Tammuz, or as Chassidim call it GIMMEL TAMMUZ, is the day that Joshua leading the Israelites in battle against the Amorites called out “Sun, stand still upon Gibeon, and Moon in the valley of Ayalon.” (Joshua 10:12)

The idea conveyed for us today is that the Sun, source of light and clarity, will not set, until the light of redemption through Mashiach, is a reality.

For the past twenty-nine years, since the third of Tammuz, in 1994, the day of the Rebbe’s ascension on high, we continue to increase in all matters of Torah study and good-deeds, performing acts of loving kindness, so that the promise of redemption by our  righteous Prophets and Torah leaders of Israel is actualized.

Maimonides, in his enumeration of the 13 Principles of Faith states: “I believe with perfect faith in the coming of the Messiah, and though he may delay, I wait daily for his coming”. 

Every Jewish person, from the advanced student of Torah study, within the citadels of the famous Yeshivahs, and Chassidic conclaves in Israel, America and elsewhere –to the simplest of our brethren, must share in this great endeavor, to hasten the arrival of the redemption and the restoration of the third and eternal holy Temple in Jerusalem. 

The new world order that the atheistic and humanistic leaders endeavor to impose upon the world is fruitless, fatalistic, and leading humanity into a downward spiral of hopelessness and despair. 

It is precisely the vision and actions of the Rebbe and the yeoman efforts of his devoted students and emissaries spanning the world, which will assist in bringing the complete and final redemption. 

With the Messiah, a new world order will be the reality. The eradication of evil, prosperity for all humanity and the blessing of world peace together with a world of refinement will be embraced by all. 

In the words of the Alenu prayer “to perfect the world under the sovereignty of the Al-mighty.”  May it be NOW!