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Blessings- always’ for the best. Always for the good.
Vesamachta Bechelko
Appreciation with gratitude to H.
Finding good in others.

Havei Mekabel es kol Adom besever panim Yafos
Accept each person with a joyful countenance.

Emunah – Hope- Faith- Bitachon Trust in H
Mi Keamocha Yisrael
True examples of the above in the following article.


This article is dedicated to my grandson Moishe Blank who celebrated his
Bar Mitzvah this past Shabbos and on Monday’s seudah.

Included is a portion from the weekly Devar Torah by my dear mechutin
Rabbi Yisrael Kleinman, Moishe’s other Zeidy.
Also included is my speech at the seudah and a special message.

From The Mishnah Elucidated Artscroll Series Mesorah Publications Ltd
“Blessings recited in awe- inspiring situations” “There are also blessings that must be recited upon seeing or experiencing something that inspires awe of G. One example is that when one sees a place where a miracle was performed for the Jewish people, he recites a blessing that ends: Who performed miracles for our forefathers at this place. Natural events and places that are particularly striking also deserve a blessing of this type, since they too, remind us of G’s great power. For instance, upon seeing a meteor or earthquake, one says …Whose strength and might full the world; and upon seeing a sea or a great mountain, one says…Who makes the work of Creation.

It is our goal to recognize G’s Hand in everything that happens to us, whether it brings us joy or sorrow. A blessing is therefore recited upon hearing good news (The One Who is good and does good) and even upon hearing bad news(the True Judge). The last Mishnah of the tractate states: “A person must recite a blessing over the bad in the same manner that he recited a blessing over the good.” The blessing made upon bad news should be recited with the same joy as the blessing made upon hearing good news because all happenings are controlled by G, and whatever G does is ultimately for the good.”

However, it is important to not only have emunah faith and hope, but to have trust in G. That belief is so important. Not just I believe or I think it is true that everything is up to G, but to know in ones heart that is so and that is true. There is no room for any doubts.

This past Shabbos was the Bar Mitzvah of my grandson and Monday evening the seudah. As you will read, this simcha was very special, especially the tremendous emunah, faith, hope and most of all the trust in H by the parents of this Bar Mitzvah Bachur, my grandson. The blessings are so evident, nothing is seen or felt in anyway as something bad, but that everything is up to the Ribono shel Olam and is for the good. We do not always know or understand why, but we have to believe, the truth is that it must always be for the good and not for the bad.

This is a portion from Rabbi Yisrael Kleinman’s weekly Devar Torah. Rabbi Kleinman is a Rebbe at Yeshiva Darchei Torah, and executive board member Hatzolah of Flatbush.
“This Shabbos marks the Bar Mitzvah of our dear grandson, Moishe (H yishmirayhu vyechayhu). It is not the typical milestone that most people celebrate, but a major milestone nonetheless. Moishe was born with numerous challenges. He is dependent on a vent to help with his breathing. Yet, he has a smile that can light up the whole world. He, his loving, devoted parents – superheroes in their own right, and all who know him are irresistibly drawn to love him and have what to smile about. This is all because of the unending outpouring of love and goodwill of incredible groups like the Tantzers, L’Hisaneig and Ahavas Chesed – among others, along with very special friends, neighbors and complete strangers, who don’t look away and don’t feel that it’s not their problem. We are celebrating the Nachas of מי כעמך ישראל – who know and understand that you can’t leave a person to fend for himself. Something should be done and I have to do it. May the Ribono shel Olam grant us Gezunteh Nachas from Moishe and may the Eibishter look down from Shomayim and Bentch these Angels of Chesed with every good Bracha.”
                                   My speech at the Bar Mitzvah seudah.                                    Dear Moishe, I am so proud of you as are all of your Bubby’s, Zaidy’s eltera Bubby and entire mishpacha. You are so gentle, so full of sweetness, your smile when I speak to you with your understanding and love is so immense. Your ability to use your eyes looking at the eye gaze device is not only amazing it is another sign of your ability to understand as can be seen by your facial movements and for all of us to appreciate you even more. The nachas you give us all is tremendous. If you would be able to speak, your words would surely be full of kedusha and inspire all of Klal Yisrael just as your Mommy and Tatty do. Yet, when you at times move your lips just a little bit to a tefilah being said with you, it is truly remarkable. Your parents are always full of encouragement . Never giving up hope. They inspire all of us with their kindness, their gentleness, their sweetness, the love they have for each of your siblings Tzvi Dov, Tehila Rachel and Chaya Rivka . May Chaya Rivka your dear sister whose beautiful beaming smile touches our hearts with warmth and love have a refuah sheleima too. Your dear Mommy and Tatty also inspire us with their tremendous love, emunah, faith and hope, but most of all their bitachon, the trust they have in the Ribono shel Olam.

They like you, do not speak loshon harah. They always have something good to say about others. They accept every person with a joyous countenance. They always show us the essence of vesamachta bechelko, always to be happy and appreciative with what they and your family have. Every accomplishment you and your siblings make, no matter how small it might be, to them is fabulous. Nothing is insignificant. Rather than looking at the cup as being half full, they look at the cup as being completely full. What is so wonderful is how they imbue all of us here at this bar mitzvah celebration with immense happiness, joy and thanks to Hakadosh Boruch Hu that we are celebrating your bar mitzvah not with a full cup, but an over flowing cup of tremendous simchas hachaim.

You came to the Shabbos minyan held in your back yard, holding the Sefer Torah together with your Tatty bringing it for the Torah leining. You remained to hear the leining, the brachos and davening. You brought everyone present the feeling of simcha and kedusha. When everyone sang siman tov umazel tov and danced with you and around you it was so enormously wonderful and exciting. The spirit of Shabbos with your presence was beyond great. Our singing and dancing this evening together with you will bring brightness to the world.

To my dear grandchildren Tzvi Dov and Tehila Rochel, I want to tell you how proud I am of both of you. Tzvi Dov you are truly a remarkable brother who I am sure all of your Rabbeim must be proud to have such a wonderful talmid as you for your understanding, your love and your care for your sisters and brother. There is much we can all learn from you as well as the smiling joy and sweetness from Tehila Rochel.

Dear Aryeh and Tzivia, May you be gebenched with arichas yomim tovim, and arichas shanim tovim. May you continue to have much nachas from all your children. May H continue to give you the tremendous koach you so need and continue to inspire Klal Yisrael vead meah veesrim shana. May everyone have a shana tova umesuka, a kesiva vachasima tova and may we all be zoche to bring moshiach tzedkeinu bemheira beyaminu amein sela. One last note, if all of us could be even a little bit like Aryeh and Tzivia bli ayin hara, then Moshiach will hopefully come even faster.

***** My Special Message*****

Together with the ongoing input of Aryeh and Tzivia together with the Tantzers, a fabulous organization of chesed beyond and above who put together a simcha in honor of the Bar Mitzva Bochur that was truly fantastic. I cannot even begin to describe all the chasadim the Tantzers do. I surely cannot begin to describe the chasasim other organizations and individuals have done and continue to do. However, with all those chasadim, there are “millions” of things Aryeh and Tzivia must do advocating for their children. The immense time they put in with all of their meetings, phone calls, emails so on and so forth, aside from the care 24/7 they give their children is always of utmost importance. They are efficient, knowledgeable and just never give up. They are persistent even if it takes them hours if not days to get what is necessary accomplished. In many ways they are trailblazers. They are on a mission to get the best care and necessities for their children finding every opportunity. What is so truly special, they look at their children with a loving and positive attitude. They are a tremendous source of chizuk as well as being knowledgeable as advocates. I received permission from my son if any of my readership has a special needs child or children and would benefit from his or my daughter-in-law chizuk or for suggestions on being a good advocate, to be able to contact him. His email address is aryehb4@gmail.com. Whatever they do, is always with appreciation to H, a smile and simchas hachaim.

From The Gentle Weapon. Prayers for Everyday
and Not-So-Everyday Moments
Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.
Jewish Lights Publishing


“Dear G, All the good I can do in this world will never match all the good You’ve done for me. All my acts of kindness will never equal all the kindness You’ve shown me. Even all the gratitude I can muster will never suffice to express my appreciation and thanks to You, my G.”


“G of wisdom, teach me the right words. Teach me the very words that will touch the hearts and souls of others. When a friend needs my understanding ear, teach me the words to say that will strengthen, that will encourage, that will express only my love and concern.”


“Dear G of compassion, Your mercies are with me always-every moment of my life, with each breath I take. Only You can love me so completely, so unconditionally, so profoundly. If people care for me, it is only because You care for me. If any of my words find their way into the hearts of others, it is nothing more than a reflection of Your all – encompassing presence in my live.”

Thank you and sincerely, Rabbi Yehuda Blank