For 5783, we are moving Halachic Discussions, RAA’s English halacha journal, to a regular schedule. Below are the planned issues and deadlines. I am sharing this schedule with you so you can plan ahead and can feel free to submit articles without being asked. Each issue will have a topic but will also have a section for articles on any subject. Please submit as many articles as you want for any and all issues. As a reminder, all articles must be in English and already edited. We have limited capacity to edit. Also, all articles must be electronically submitted because we have no capacity to type.

You can look at past issues on the RAA website to see the style of content:

1. Mid-Cheshvan, subject: Sukkos and Simchas Torah (so you can write up any shiurim you give over the yamim tovim), deadline: 1 Cheshvan, October 26

2. Teives, subject: Chanukah and Tu Bi-Shvat, deadline: 24 Kisleiv, December 18

3. Adar, subject: Purim and Pesach, deadline: 19 Shvat, February 10

4. Iyar, subject: Shavuos and Talmud Torah, deadline: 25 Nissan, April 16

5. Tammuz, subject: Travel and Vacation, deadline: 22 Sivan, June 11

6. Elul, subject: Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, deadline: 26 Av, August 13

Please send all submissions to:

Please keep in mind that all submissions will be reviewed. Not all submissions will be accepted, depending on a variety of factors.