Dear Member Rabbi,

The Rabbinical Alliance of America /Igud Harabonim (RAA/Igud), continues to aggressively move ahead on many fronts, with many new projects, thus appreciably increasing the effectiveness of each individual member rabbi to most productively serve Klal Yisroel. With our current membership of over 950 prominent rabbonim, kein yirbu, the RAA/Igud represents a powerful force serving Klal Yisroel. We need the active participation of every member rabbi. Please be in touch with us and advise us how we can better serve you.

A strong rabbinical organization must be well funded in order to act on behalf of its members and on behalf of rabbonim in all matters. Therefore, we again must ask each member that has not yet submitted his dues to please do so immediately. The minimal contribution effort of the individual rabbi is the membership dues of $125, which includes an enhanced picture membership card. Please upload your picture for the picture membership card at ( Our Menahel, Rabbi Moish Schmerler, will be handling the processing of the picture membership cards. Rabbi Schmerler can be reached at (718) 744-7426, We need your financial support. Help us so that we can serve YOU and Klal Yisroel.

Please make checks payable to the Rabbinical Alliance of America, and mail to Rabbinical Alliance of America, 11 Sunrise Plaza, Suite 305 Valley Stream, NY 11580. If you want to pay by credit card and submit your id picture you do this by going to our website

On behalf of the Igud/RAA Presidium and of the Beth Din, I extend greetings of Torah.


Rabbi Mendy Mirocznik
Executive Vice-President, Rabbinical Alliance of America