Go and assemble all the Jewish People!
Averting the looming devastation
The Clarion Call of Queen Esther

The Rabbinical Alliance of America – a National Orthodox Rabbinic Organization and its membership of 950 rabbinic leaders, chaplains, and educators serving throughout North America, call upon our brethren in the United States and Canada, to organize immediately, mass gatherings of Jews, assembled in prayer and repentance, beseeching the Almighty to bestow His Peace upon the people of Eastern Europe, thus averting further bloodshed and tragedy.

We call upon all, to increase in the giving of charity TZEDAKAH, and performing acts of loving kindness together with the recitation of special prayers, thus averting further catastrophe upon civilians and combatants.

We also call upon the spiritual leadership of the Jewish People in Israel to call for emergency assemblies, both at the holy KOTEL Western Wall, and at the tomb of our Patriarchs in Hebron and at Synagogues throughout the land.

In the spirit of Queen Esther, who pleaded with Mordechai the Righteous, to assemble the Jewish people of Persia to avert the impending decree of destruction.

Then as now – repentance, prayer and charity will avert the evil decree, and lead to salvation, peace, and harmony for all humankind.