Mazel tov to our chaver, Rav Ephraim Glatt shlit”a, on the publication of his sefer Tiferes Ephraim on Moadim.

  • Tiferes Ephraim on Moadim [Hebrew] (Machon Kiryas Sefer, 2020) by Rabbi Ephraim Glatt, Esq.
    • Tiferes Ephraim analyzes more than 150 contemporary halachic issues on Moadim by delving into the classical rishonim and acharonim in addition to discussing the rulings of modern-day poskim. Well-researched and comprehensive, Tiferes Ephraim is a great resource for Rabbonim or other Talmidei Chachamim looking for helpful sources and ideas for Shiurim or Chaburos. Tiferes Ephraim is organized by Yom Tov, and often cites the sources in full for the ease of the reader. Haskamos by R’ Mordechai Willig, R’ Eli Baruch Shulman, and the author’s father, Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt. Anyone interested in a free copy (after a $10 shipping fee) of Tiferes Ephraim, please email the
  • About the Author
    • Rabbi Ephraim Glatt, Esq. is the Assistant Rabbi at the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills and a litigation attorney at a large law firm in NYC.  A sought-after Maggid Shiur, Rabbi Glatt gives many Shiurim throughout the KGH neighborhood and writes a weekly Halacha column for the Queens Jewish Link.  Rabbi Glatt received Semicha from RIETS and has a J.D. from Cardozo School of Law.