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For a few years now, we have been treated by articles in the media purporting to tell us of “Orthodox” rabbis endorsing obvious deviations from our Holy Torah. As we know, entire institutions have been set up to teach that “Orthodoxy” permits these things, and to ordain clergy who act accordingly.

This is an unacceptable situation, and we feel that it is a case where the “rank-and-file” of genuine rabbis need to stand up and be counted.

Please do not remain silent. Please sign our statement that “We, the undersigned, deplore efforts to confuse the Jewish and greater public regarding the beliefs and practices that may rightly be described as Orthodox” (see the full text of the statement by following the same link).

If you care about this issue, and we certainly hope you do, in addition to signing, we hope you will share it with rabbinic colleagues. The strength of this statement, and our ability to rebut the false narratives spread daily, depends upon your endorsement and that of your chaverim who will stand for the truth. The more signatures on the statement, the more impact we can hope to have in the media we are trying to correct.

With thanks,

Pesach Lerner
President, Coalition for Jewish Values