Give Chazaq starting 11am today

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The past year was one of the most difficult years of our lifetime….

COVID19 shut down our Schools, Shuls, stores, restaurants, parks and communities.

The isolation wreaked havoc on families. Too many of our loved ones returned their souls to our Creator.

Jobs were lost. Faces were masked. Hands were gloved. We didn’t embrace, hug, or even extend a hand in a greeting of Sholom Aleichem.

When the world gets weaker, we MUST GET STRONGER. When the world gets weaker, we MUST GIVE STRONGER! We must start the New Year of 5781 with the infinite strength that lies within us all!

That’s exactly what CHAZAQ has always done and will continue to do.

Today we bring this eternal strength gift, this great power, this awesome Chazaq to the masses. We need your partnership and support to both fuel the existing flame, and grow its light, warmth, and impact.

Beginning at 11am EST, our 36-hour “Give Strength” campaign will, Be”H, raise $1,000,000 to propel Chazaq forward, onward, and beyond with true strength!

Every dollar donated will be DOUBLED by our generous matchers. When you give $100, our generous matchers add $100 of their own, and Chazaq receives $200! So this is an opportunity of a lifetime to take CHAZAQ’s lifechanging work to the next level!!!

Visit and be part of the revolution!

Thank you for giving us strength and for making the world a stronger place. May our Father in Heaven inscribe and seal you and all of us in the Book of Life!

Chazaq Family!