The Rabbinical Alliance of America — Igud HaRabbonim, with a membership of over 950 Orthodox Rabbis across the United States and Canada — expresses its outrage and deep disappointment with the organizers and hosts of any anti-vaccination event.

Igud HaRabbonim has issued a halachic opinion authored by our esteemed member Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt, Director of the RAA/IGUD Halacha and Medicine Commission that clearly delineates the mandatary Torah obligation to vaccinate.

Rabbi Glatt in his thesis quotes all the leading Torah authorities through the current modern-day deciders of religious law that all concur with his finding of mandating vaccination. Further, Rabbi Glatt correctly points out that there is not one halachic authority that maintains that it is halachically prohibited to vaccinate. Any such claim is contrary to Halacha and borders on fraudulent, misleading interpretations of Jewish law. The RAA/IGUD once again reaffirms the well-established opinion of the religious and lay leaders of our community who are unanimous in encouraging vaccination.