The Rabbi and His Self-Care – Taking Good Care of Yourself
A FREE Leil Iyun For Rabbanim, Tuesday May 28
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Spiritual leadership wears many hats and makes many demands on the Rabbi and his family. As first responders, multi taskers, care givers and problem solvers the vocation of rabbinic leadership follows the same path for all of us, sharing, giving, doing, all for others. We understand the commitment as a mitzvah, we saw our parents and rabbeim do it the same way; it is our mesorah, our tafkid, our passion to live, Na’aseh V’nishma.

The RAA, Igud HaRabbonim – National Council of Young Israel in coordination with the professional staff of Lennox Hill Hospital recognize the great work Rabbanim and their families do to lead our generation at this very minute and into the future. We invite you to a leil iyun investing in ourselves to be a healthier, informed and self-aware marbitz Torah.

Let us us join together for a professional symposium so that we can take stock of what all this “doing” for others is doing to ourselves. Come hear world class physicians share with us the strategies of being mindful of ourselves, so that we can live healthier physically, mentally and spiritually to continue to give with an outstretched hand and a smile on our faces.