To the great Gaon Harav Meir Mazuz and the great Gaon Harav Shmuel Eliyahu and Rabbonai Yisrael, shlit”a,

Igud HaRabbonim of America, representing nearly one thousand Rabbis serving throughout the United States, issues an emergency call for unity in the upcoming elections so that no votes are lost to internal divisions. The mandate required to assure that the new coalition government of Israel will include the religiously committed sector of Israel magnify the importance of unity among all Torah factions into one list. After the election, the leadership can work out allotment of portfolios and ministries within the government.

Israel is a thriving democracy in a region full of dictators. The enchantment of democracy lies in the possibility that anyone can win an election. But this thrill of opportunity must be joined with a realization that elections can also be lost. Torah interests cannot be forfeited in the excitement of Israeli politics. Now is a time for all who respect the Torah to unite and garner a victory for security and safety for all of Israel’s inhabitants by ensuring that no disengagement or forfeiture of Israel’s holy land takes place.

Furthermore, a United List will allow for the strengthening of Jewish tradition within the land of Israel to the benefit and security of Am Yisrael. Torah observant Jews in Israel must vote together for their own interests.

We call upon the great rabbis of Israel, “the eyes of the people,” to lead the way in this call for a United List that will ensure the voice of Torah a place of pride in the governance of Israel. Unity will empower tens of thousands of votes and offer influence to each and every voter who represents the interests of our traditions. Rabbis must work together so that the Torah’s message of security for Israel’s inhabitants will be heard in this important election.

In the name of nearly 1,000 rabbis serving in the the United States and Canada,

Harav Yehoshua Hecht
Presidium Chairman of the Igud HaRabbonim of America