The OU Kosher presentation at the Rosh Chodesh Nissan conference was so successful that we promised the attendees we would circulate information about Rabbi Eli Eleff’s other upcoming Pesach presentations on specific subjects. Below is a list of four events with information about kashering, medicines, electrical appliances, baby formula and more. Some have already taken place but interested people might be able to find recordings of the events online:

March 21, 8:30pm
Medicine Meets Passover
Webinar, register at:

March 22, 8:00pm
Live Q&A Panel on
Ahi Ezer Congregation and Edmund Safra Synagogue

March 26, 8:15pm
Pesach Products and Kashering in West Hempstead
Bais Torah U’Tefilah, 401 Hempstead Ave., West

March 30, 12:15pm
Special Kashrus Shiurim on Electric Appliances and Young Children for Bnei Torah in Lakewood
Bais Medrash of Albert, 699 Albert Ave, Lakewood

We also remind people about Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt’s recent presentation about medicine on Pesach. A recording is available here