Anyone interested should please email Rabbi Moshe Schmerler

Who We Are

The Bialystoker Synagogue, a historic and flagship institution on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, housed in a landmark edifice, with a long and rich tradition of Torah, Avodah and Gemilut Chassadim is seeking a Rav to lead our congregation.   

The Lower East Side, the cradle for much of Jewish life in North America, where leading Jewish institutions got their start and the home to leading Jewish sages, has a long and storied history.      The Bialystoker Synagogue has always been a significant institution in the community, providing a place of prayer, study, and social gatherings.  We are proud that our shul is a bastion of Torah and tefillah in the Lower Manhattan area.  We have three Shacharis minyanim + Mincha/Maariv daily; a Daf Yomi shiur; shiurim in Chumash, Navi, halacha and more. We have shiurim for men and women, special guest speakers, and events, plus people who learn in Chavrusas or by themselves.  The Lower East Side Jewish community is well known for its friendly, warm, welcoming and     non-judgmental residents with people from across the spectrum of Jewish backgrounds, people    who perform significant chessed in the community and beyond. 

After 20 years of exceptional service, our Rav, Rabbi Zvi Romm has announced his intention to make Aliya.  Our new spiritual leader will have the unique opportunity to shape and grow a community with an illustrious history and one with tremendous potential for future growth.

Our Ideal Candidate

  • Will possess a high level of Torah knowledge & scholarship. 
  • Have exceptional teaching skills, including the ability to offer shiurim and classes to men and women with a wide range of Torah backgrounds on a variety of subjects (Gemarah, Tanach, Halacha, etc.) 
  • Deliver inspirational Droshas and Divrei Torah
  • Have the ability to relate to and communicate with different demographics.
  • Have a pastoral temperament who demonstrates genuine caring for the concerns and interests of congregants and a warm and outgoing personality.
  • Lead the effort to attract new people to the shul and grow the LES community.

The ability to daven for the amud and to layn when needed are also a plus 

What we’re looking for

The Bialystoker Synagogue’s rabbinic leader will continue the rich legacy and build upon the foundation laid by previous generations.  The Rav of Bialystoker will be an innovative leader who will communicate a vision for the future including organizing and collaborating with congregants and community groups to grow and strengthen the shul and Lower East Side Jewish community as well as touch the lives of Jews in Lower Manhattan.

Anyone interested should please email Rabbi Moshe Schmerler