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Signatures Needed!
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Dear Friend,

Several years ago, the last time there was a plan to change the Kotel and challenge our Mesorah, you signed our petition to preserve the site as a place of prayer, unity, and sanctity. At that time, Rabbi Lerner and I were privileged to join an Am Echad mission to Israel that, as you know, was ultimately successful. Thanks to strong opposition from voices in Israel alongside that of Am Echad, the plan was shelved.

Now, sadly, the new government has decided to revive this effort, and we need your help once again.

I am enclosing below both the text that you signed in 2018, and the current petition. You do not need to sign again. You will see that the texts both express the same idea, and we fully expect that you still want your voice to be part of this effort. If you do not want your name included with the new Am Echad text, please let me know.

We do, however, need renewed efforts to gain thousands more signatures. Because all the observant parties are in the opposition in the current government, they have much less say and thus the situation is much more dire.

Please share this letter with your friends. Consider especially the thousands who became young Jewish adults in the last four years. It is they, along with all others who did not sign four years ago, whom we need to sign now!

Here is the text of the old and then new petitions, for you to compare. Again, we expect you will want to add your name, regardless of which version is sent, and thus you only need to notify us if you do not wish to sign the new version.

Previous (CJV) Version

We, the undersigned, cherish traditional Jewish prayer at Jerusalem’s Holy Western Wall. We ask that the current Western Wall plaza be reserved for traditional prayer in accordance with millennia of Jewish tradition.

We also request preservation of the Western Wall as a place of prayer, not politics. We ask that no changes be made that will harm archaeological sites without natural, organic demand from those coming to pray.

New (Am Echad) Text

The Kotel is the heart of the Jewish people. Despite our differences, it unites us as a symbol of our nation’s millennia-old tradition and history.

We, Diaspora Jews, are writing to warn you against making the critical mistake of partitioning the Kotel. This will create a rift and distance Jews from Israel and from each other, and will endanger the continued unity of our people.

The implementation of the Kotel Compromise, violating the centuries-old prayer tradition, will send a clear message to millions of Jews around the world that the State of Israel has given up on our sacred values and bonds.

Don’t partition the Kotel. Don’t compromise its sanctity.

If you did not sign the 2018 text, then please click here to sign the new text.