The Rabbinical Alliance of America /Igud Harabonim (RAA/Igud), has launched its website,  in order to more effectively disseminate Daas Torah. The newly built website will have an extensive history of the RAA/Igud, reports, audio recordings, and pictures of: Rosh Chodesh Conferences; Siyum Hashas Convocations; Special Meetings and Sessions; RAA/Igud Resolutions and Kol Koreh Proclamations.

The Directory of Member rabbis with their current positions and short biographies as well as the weekly Divrei Torah on the Parsha by our member rabbis will be included.

Please complete this form and share with us a short biography, list of the positions that you hold and have held, publications, honorariums, awards, etc. Please email to your picture, bio and profile.  Please give us any links or articles or shiurim that you would like us to include in the website to be placed with your bio and profile or to be placed in the proper sections of the website.

As a cost savings measure, we will be using email more often as opposed to regular traditional postal mail.  If you wish to continue to receive regular mail please advise us.  For our Chaverim who do not use email you will continue to receive regular mail.

We will be also using WhatsApp and texting. Please advise us if we can add you to our WhatsApp and texting lists as well.

If you do not respond you will not be listed in the directory and website

Rabbi Mendy Mirocznik
Executive Vice-President, Rabbinical Alliance of America