I send this to our Chaveirim regarding the critical need to strengthen and uphold the most essential Mitzva of Bris Milah.

Unfortunately in today’s environment there are those requesting a doctor vs a mohel. It is critical to educate parents that using a doctor will most likely result in an invalid bris with irreparable harm. Furthermore, doctors use a clamp that is prohibited – causing crushing pain and trauma to the child.

I am a Mohel with 30 years of experience and director of the International Bris Association. We are affiliated with the largest network of traditional Mohalim. As part of our service, the IBA has developed an app specially for Mohalim. The app helps Mohalim be efficient in their service and sends a Bris Certificate to the parents of a child receiving a bris.

It has been my observation that in addition to education the bris certificate provides an incentive to the unaffiliated parents in using a qualified mohel vs a doctor. This certificate as saved can also be used later in life to assist in verifying the Jewishness of the individual.

To download the app Mohalim can sign up at Mohel.me

With much Hatzlacha in all your holy work,

Rabbi Levi Y. Heber
Certified Mohel