Rabbi Jacob London Yeshiva in Brooklyn has procured a grant in conjunction with the Committee for Yeshiva Education to encourage enrollment of Jewish boys, Bar Mitzvah boys, in Junior High School and High School, from Public School to Rabbi Jacob London Yeshiva.

The grant affords an opportunity for organizations, Rabbonim etc., shlichim etc., who successfully refer and enroll a boy at the Yeshiva and he attends, the grant is $1,000 per child payable to the Rav and his organization etc.

The initial grant is for $25,000 for 25 children from public school and enroll them in the Rabbi London Yeshiva.

The members of the Igud know the work of Rabbi London for klal Yisrael: Preparatory program for those getting started, dorm facilities for out of towners, scholarships for qualified families, etc.

We would like to get the word out to the chaverim in the Igud if they have shuls with Bar Mitzvah boys or know kids in their areas.

The Yeshiva is prepared to welcome every Jewish boy bar mitzvah age and up, regardless of family background, limited Hebrew background or ability to pay.

Through the fund, the Rav will be compensated for his time and effort for being misasek in the inyan.

Limited through September for this school year.

For more information, contact Rabbi Sorcher asorsh@aol.com