A new Living Environment textbook produced specifically for Yeshivos

By Rabbi Moshe Brody

Birov Shevach vihoda’ah to Hashem, the first Kosher Living Environment textbook geared for our talmidim and talmidos in Mesivtos and Bais Yaakovs has now been published. This book contains most of the material found in the NYS’s Living Environment course without the problematic content found in secular textbooks. In addition, it proudly proclaims on every page that Hashem is the master of the world, and seeks to make our students aware of this fact as they progress through their study. We hope all yeshivos and Bais Yaakovs will become acquainted with this new book and offer it to their students as an alternative to the secular textbooks now in common use. For more information on how to obtain a copy of your own, please email the author at limudaichol@gmail.com or call 516-441-CHOL (2465)