Rabbanim Chashuvim,

The world is overwhelmed with excitement and optimism as the COVID-19 vaccine shifts from a fantasy to reality. Nevertheless, there is still an abundance of fear and reluctance in our communities. This is especially true amongst women who are nervous about their current or future pregnancies and related concerns for those who are currently nursing a young child.

Therefore, on Tuesday January 5th at 8:00pm EST, PUAH will be hosting a most critical webinar featuring Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt and Dr. Eve Feinberg, world renown medical experts on this important topic, to discuss and address the ramifications of the vaccine and women’s health.

Please share this flyer with your community, along with the introductory explanation of the event, as it will surely answer the myriad of questions and concerns that countless people are currently facing. Thank you for your help to spread the word about this important event, and may Hashem continue to be the ultimate shomer Yisroel!

With much gratitude and admiration,
Rabbi Elan Segelman
Rabbinic Director, PUAH USA