The Rabbinical Alliance of America — Igud HaRabbonim, representing over 950 American rabbis — condemns Sunday’s terror attack which occurred in London’s Streatham section. The attacker, who was shot by police while wearing a “hoax device” strapped to his body, stabbed two people before being shot by police. Three people, including the two stabbing victims and one whom police believe was hit by glass after police opened fire, were injured. The attacker held extremist views and had just completed about half of a three-year sentence for terror related behavior.

Rabbi Mendy Mirocznik, executive vice-president of the Rabbinical Alliance of America, expressed the outrage of the Rabbinical Alliance of America that someone would undertake such a cowardly, cold-blooded act of terror and hate. “As Jews, we have a long history of suffering from terror and hate. Be it the current uptick of anti-Semitic hate crimes in the United States, terror in Israel, pogroms across the world or the Holocaust, we can relate to the pain and fear going through the heart and minds of the people of London. What started as a normal day should never have devolved into terror. Broken dreams, peace and tranquility were shattered for no reason other than hate. As rabbis, we call upon all decent, peace-loving people to condemn terror and violence. We must unite as fellow human beings so that terror has no place in this world. We implore the global leadership to take all necessary steps to educate our youth that hate and terror are evil and have no place on this earth. We must also utilize all of our resources to pursue terror and destroy it. We must be committed to bringing harsh justice to all those who engage in terror. This is the only way that we as a civilized society will eradicate terror.”

Our prayers are with all who were wounded, their families and the people of London. May the Almighty inspire all those who possess evil and hate to recognize the error of their ways and to change. May they use their energy in positive ways and help make this world a better place for all people.