From the desk of Rabbi Leonard (Yehuda) Blank MS, BCC
Director of Chaplaincy Commission and External Affairs
Rabbinical Alliance of America/Igud Harabonim

HaGoan HaRav Michael Barenbaum ztkl Mashgiach Ruchni of Mestivta Tifereth Jerusalem used to say it isn’t enough to be a frum yid, one must be an erlicha yid. HaRav Nisan Alpert ztkl talmid muvak of HaGoan HaRav Moshe Feinstein ztkl would share to balai batim how a store keeper must be familiar with choshen mishpat of being honest to customers, being honest with weights and measurements and not just be concerned of the levush one is wearing or making sure foods and beverages have certain hashgachos. My father ztl whose yartzeit was recently, was a kosher butcher who was makped on caring for others- no matter what their background was and to be an honest person. He was concerned in those days that even though there were inspectors who would check the scales their inspection might not be accurate, he would either at no extra charge add extra meat or chicken or charge a lower price. When an elderly woman gave him by accident a $50 dollar bill instead of a $5 bill, he ran out the door to give her back her money. As close as he was to chashuva rabbonim such as HaGoan HaRav Eliyahu Henkin ztkl who smiled when he heard my father’svoice, he was also respected and loved by many of different backgrounds. At his levaya, the chapel was filled with men and women of many ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds because of his sweetness, kindness and respect he had for others.

We are learning more about the wonderful midos of Mr and Mrs Fernecz and how kind and caring they were to everyone. There is even a video clip of candy being given by Mr. Ferencz to children coming into his store for treats during their holiday wearing their costumes. Mrs. Rodriguez, the widow of Mr. Miguel Jason Rodriguez, mentioned how kind and considerate Mr. and Mrs. Fernecz were to her husband who worked for them. Mr. Rodriquez was also known to be a nice person always being helpful to the customers in the grocery store. Young Moshe Deutch ztl amongst his many attributes was also a volunteer for Chai Lifeline showing care and empathy to children with many health challenges. It was truly special to read of the outpouring sentiments of sadness and also respect for Detective Joseph Seal, his family and all the police by the Jewish communities in New Jersey, New York and elsewhere. Much praise must be given to the organizations that immediately assisted in many vital ways. Avraham Avinu our first Patriarch was known for his tremendous love of the Holy One the Aibershta and the wonderful kindness and goodness he had for so many. He has always been a role model for us.

Our Executive Vice President Rabbi Mendy Mirocznik, Board and Director’s mantra is to have an organization to promote achdus, kindness and respect for others and each other, with the love of the Aibershta and to follow in His ways as our Patriarch Avraham Avinu.

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