Since Tu BiShvat is the new year for trees, it might be a good time to list the accomplishments of this dynamic organization since the last Tu BiShvat. It’s been a busy year. This is an admittedly partial list of the many Igud activities of the past year:

• Welcomed Rav Wulliger as Moreh Tzedek
• Added 4 new dayanim
• Settled nearly 20 cases before they reached the stage of Din Torah
• Built a new organizational website
• Held seudos for each Rosh Chodesh including a Chai Elul Siyum HaShas
• Celebrated the installation of a new member rabbi
• Unveiled an innovative clergy retirement plan
• Started a weekly newsletter
• Published 6 tshuvos and kuntreisim, some at significant length and depth
• Initiated monthly Halacha challenge
• Greatly expanded public engagement on social media
• Had representation at the White House pre-Rosh Hashanah call and Chanukah party
• Had representation at an international Jewish media summit
• Met with both Chief Rabbis of Israel
• Issued a strong Psak Din on female clergy
• Signed 3 amicus briefs in favor of religious liberty
• Issued over 40 press releases, including (but not limited to):
– condemning anti-semitism in multiple forms and cases
– supporting Israel against its enemies
– mourning a tragic synagogue shooting
– standing up for halachic standards in Israel
– defending yeshiva education
– denouncing indecent ads in public spaces
– mourning the passing of President George HW Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush

May the organization continue to contribute positively to Klal Yisroel.