Igud HaRabbonim is now able to offer special subscriptions to the quarterly journal, Emunat Itecha, a journal on practical halacha published by Machon HaTorah VeHa’aretz (formerly in Gush Katif) in conjunction with many other organizations, as described below. The journal focuses on halachah le-ma’aseh and consultation with practical experts in science, engineering, law and economics. It is published under the general guidance of Rav Ya’akov Ariel, the recently retired Chief Rabbi of Ramat Gan, who occasionally writes in the journal. It regularly features articles by Rav Ya’akov Epstein, author of Shu”t Cheivel Nachalaso.

This journal is not available anywhere else in the US. The journal itself is being offered for free, with just shipping costs of $10 per issue. For $40, you can subscribe to issues 123-126. (For the record, Igud HaRabbonim does not endorse any views in the journal but offers this opportunity to members who are intellectually curious.)

You can subscribe through Igud HaRabbonim and read a summary of a recent issue of the journal here: link

If you have any questions, contact Rabbi Gil Student Igud.Halacha@gmail.com