Rabbinical Alliance of America Calls on NYU to Restore Access to Hospital Volunteers

The Rabbinical Alliance of America — Igud HaRabbonim, a professional Rabbinical Organization with a membership of over 950 Orthodox Rabbis — notes with concern the recent decision by NYU Langone Health and NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn to prevent outside volunteers from entering patient rooms. For thousands of years, Jews have organized groups to visit sick individuals and offer them material and spiritual sustenance. These services are part of a long religious tradition that bring joy and comfort to the sick, no small matter in the healing process. Jewish patients expect these religious visits and are disappointed when they do not receive them. In the New York area, legendary Jewish volunteer organizations have worked tirelessly for decades in hospitals — including NYU’s hospitals — enhancing the patients’ experiences while medical professionals work tirelessly to heal them. [...]