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“But Who is Interested in the Western Wall?”
In two minutes, you will understand how dangerous the “Kotel agreement” is to Jewish life in Israel. Because you are interested, you must share this forward.

In their own words, Reform leaders now openly admit that the Kotel does not interest them at all! Rather, they are using the Kotel as a symbol, in their effort to upend the entire Jewish culture of the State of Israel.

Eretz Hakodesh, the chareidi faction, produced this video, a stunning exposé with footage from a promotional video distributed by the Reform movement (full disclosure: Rabbi Pesach Lerner, President of CJV, is also Chairman of Eretz HaKodesh).

“Who cares about the Western Wall?” You do! And you need to share it.

If you are receiving this from me, please share this with ten friends, as you have already signed our petition. If this email has been forwarded to you, please sign our petition, and then please share it forward with ten friends of your own!

Sign the Petition Now!
This petition, created by Am Echad and shared widely by multiple organizations and individuals, is our best effort for every Diaspora Jew to show the Israeli government that we do care about the Kotel, and about all that follows.

With the inauguration of the new government in Israel, the leaders of the coalition parties pledged to quickly advance approval of the outline for the revised Kosel, an effort that has been halted since 2016 due to the opposition of the leaders of the chareidi parties in the Knesset.

The outline supported by the Reform includes significant changes to the entrances to the Kosel, a significant expansion of the plaza area used by members of the Reform movement for prayer without a mechitzah (partition), and the establishment of a public council to manage the prayer plaza in cooperation with representatives of Reform organizations.

Along the way, the Reform leaders call you a “charedi extremist,” simply because you value Halacha at the Kotel, and ridicule the idea that the Kotel “belongs to [our] father,” denying their own connection to Avinu SheBaShamayim, r”l!

Yes, you know that the Kotel does belong to Our Father, who also gave us rules for conversion, marriage, divorce, and Kashrus, all of which Reform hopes to tear down—and the Kotel is where they hope to start. You care, and you need to show the Israeli government that you care.

Please sign if you haven’t already, and please, share this with ten friends right away, to help us reach Am Echad’s goal of 150,000 signatures!

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