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December 23, ’21

Welcome to the weekly newsletter of Igud HaRabbonim, the Rabbinical Alliance of America, in which we share news for and about members, including communal news, announcements, publications, Divrei Torah, press releases and media mentions.

In this newsletter:
• Chaplaincy Commission Update
• Rav Shlomo Amar: Letter to RAA/Igud about the Kotel
• Divrei Torah: Shmos
• Upcoming Yahrtzeits 21 Teives-28 Teives
• Jewish Vues: Yeshiva Independence
• Queens Jewish Link: Yeshiva Independence
• Covid Update – Motzei Shabbos, Dec 25 8:30pm
• Jewish Press: Kotel Sanctity and Support for Chief Rabbinate
• The Rabbinical Alliance of America Calls Upon the Incoming Adams Administration to Respect and Maintain the Independence of the Yeshiva Educational System
• Yahrzeit of HoRav Avrohom Dov Hecht zt”l

Please let us know about your family simchos and l”a aveilus, book publications and career changes or milestones, so we can share as chaveirim our life events. Send updates to rabbi.