From the CJV: Urgent Rabbinic Signature Request

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A message from the Coalition for Jewish Values:

A Good Chodesh & Freilichen (Zos) Chanukah!

We were asked by askanim in Israel to circulate a petition calling upon PM Bennett to abandon the plan to convert the Kotel plaza into a model of “shopping mall Judaism.” Reform Judaism calls its synagogues “temples,” to supplant the Beis HaMikdash, yet is demanding an “equal” space to that serving millions of Torah-true and traditional Jews who come to the Kotel every year.

For Reform and Conservative, this is just the first step. Next, they plan to change the laws governing kashrus, marriage, divorce, and geyrus in Israel, with disastrous and permanent consequences. It is as if the current Israeli government is unaware of the havoc that the heterodox movements have caused in America.

This is why your voice is so necessary and impactful at this juncture, especially if you are a congregational rabbi or school administrator / dean / R”Y. This is not a CJV effort per se, but a united one—if you have received the same petition text from a different organization, you need not sign twice! Otherwise:

Please sign this petition AND forward this email to chaverim ASAP. We have been told a letter with 1000 signatures will cause the Israeli government to take notice, and we must move quickly. So please help our efforts by signing and forwarding right away.