CJV Message for Rabbis

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A message from the Coalition for Jewish Values:

L’chvod HaRav,

I hope that you have been following the work of the CJV, and enjoying it in equal measure. At all times, we strive to represent your view (or, more correctly, the Torah view) on public policy topics currently being debated.

I am writing to ask for your help with our Kislev membership drive, a special recruitment effort to expand the Rabbinic Circle. This isn’t a request for a donation or any great effort, just that you forward this email!

We created the enclosed flyer to make it easy to share word about the CJV with chaveirim, talmidim, and other Rabbonim you feel will be interested in joining the growing voice that the CJV represents.

Every additional Rav adds strength to our organization. First of all, much as we do not disclose the names of those in the CJV Rabbinic Circle, stating the total membership accurately is a simple matter of honesty. But in addition, each individual is another watching over our shoulder, offering correction when needed and, we hope, responding with enthusiasm to what we say and the very idea that someone is speaking up for our values.

I hope you can share this with five others, and we can see our membership rapidly grow.

Thank you,

Yaakov Menken