Forthcoming Book By Rabbi Avrohom Stone

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1051 East 28th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11210
718 258-0241

October 1, 2020

Dear Chaver,

I hope this finds you and yours well and coping during this horrific pandemic.

We are happy to inform you that ב”ה our distinguishd Chaver and Vice President Rabbi Avrohom Stone שליט”א has prepared a book of Torah articles, which will be published by THE IGUD HARABBONIM- RABBINICAL ALLIANCE OF AMERICA. As you are aware we are a national rabbinic organization comprised of 950 Rabbinic members, of which Rabbi Stone has been a prominent Vice President and Officer for many years.

The book consists of two or three articles in English on each Parsha of the Torah and will be approximately more than four hundred pages of erudite Torah essays culled from the articles which Rabbi Stone wrote for over forty years in the Jewish Press under title “Expounding the Torah 770 Eastern Parkway.”

In conjunction with this monumental project and to help defray the cost of publishing this scholarly volume, the Igud will have several pages of approbations and dedications. Please join in this project by dedicating in honor of Rabbi Avrohom Stone or in honor of or in memory of a dear one, which will surely be a zechus for the person or the people named.

The cost is as follows: $1,000 Full Page/ $500 Half Page/ $360 Quarter Page.

Approximately one thousand volumes will be published. As a donor, you will receive a complimentary copy of the book. Tax deductible contributions can be made payable to the Rabbincal Alliance of America-Igud Harabonim and mailed to the Igud c/o 1051 East 28th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11210. The deadline for submission of your dedication/ approbation is Tuesday October 20th. If you want to give a credit card you can call 917 626-6946.

With best wishes for a חג שמח and a year replete with good health, Simchos and Nachas.