The Rabbinical Alliance of America — Igud HaRabbonim, representing nearly one thousand rabbis and spiritual leaders serving throughout the United States of America — encourages the immediate passage of the Prison Reform and Redemption Act.

The Rabbinical Alliance of America applauds this bipartisan effort that will direct the Department of Justice to develop the Post-Sentencing Risk and Needs Assessment System for use by the Bureau of Prisons to assess prisoner recidivism risk; guide housing, grouping, and program assignments; and incentivize participation in and completion of recidivism reduction programs and productive activities.

The act further seeks to address crime prevention, sentencing alternatives, the growing prison population and recidivism. The bill reserves mandatory minimum sentences for drug trafficking leaders, allows for increased exceptions to mandatory minimums where appropriate, and offers flexibility to low-risk geriatric and terminally ill inmates.

Judaism teaches about the power of repentance and rehabilitation, the ability of an individual to overcome past transgressions and return to a productive life in the community. This bill to meaningfully reform the criminal justice system furthers justice by taking the relevant factors and circumstances into consideration. The bill will also assist prisoners and help them transition back into society as productive people.

It is our fervent hope and prayer that the Prison Reform and Redemption Act become law of the United States of America, helping individuals and strengthening community.