An 8 Point Program for RAA IGUD

By Rabbi Yehoshua S. Hecht – Presidium Chairman – Rabbinical Alliance of America

Eve of Chai Elul 5778 – Tuesday August 28, 2018

#1) The Rabbinical Alliance of America – Igud HaRabbonim – calls on JEWISH FEDERATIONS across the country to increase outlay budget support for YESHIVA DAY SCHOOL education by a minimum of 50% immediately for fiscal year 2018/19 and then 75% for fiscal year 2019/20 and 100% in the fiscal year 2020/21.

At present the UJA of New York has ONLY $51 million in matching funds to support day schools and yeshivas that embrace the challenge. AND only 21 schools are involved. This is in light of the fact that in 2016 over 101,120 students were enrolled just in the NYC area.

#2) To initiate a CAMPAIGN FOR JEWISH MARRIAGE. Each year, HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars (if not billions) of Jewish treasure accumulated and earned through sweat and tears over many decades are now being absorbed by the gentile and secular world with pennies at most reaching Jewish charities, concerns and interests. By way of example, where is Facebook – worth BILLIONS – directing its charity and philanthropy?

#3) To encourage larger Jewish families. The number of Jews today is still lower than 1939, prior to the NAZI holocaust, as reported by the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics! Then it was 16,600,000 and now (in 2018) it is 14,511,000. The Jewish population since 1948 has increased 10 fold in Israel, where in 1948 there were 650,000 and today 6,589,000. However globally we have increased by only 26% while the global population has increased from 2.5 billion to about 7.5 billion.

#4) Orthodox Jewry is carrying the load for all of world Jewry – TEACHERS, MELAMDIM, RABBEIM, EDUCATORS, MOROT, etc. How can we better support them and improve their financial situation to assure a brighter Jewish future?

#5)VOICE OF AMERICAN JEWRY – a living vibrant Jewish present, past and future. We are no longer in need of the voices of the past that do NOT reflect reality. ADL, AJC, WJC do not reflect Jewish concerns in an accurate way. They and their leadership are misinformed, misdirected and politically becoming more of a hazard and a liability for Jewish people and their future. We must show appreciation and support of American values – spiritual values – and support of President Trump and the Administration that support Israel and the Jewish people and their concerns. It’s the RAA VOICE OF THE AMERICAN RABBINATE that must lead!

#6) Support of Chief Rabbinate of Israel including issues of MI HU YEHUDI (who is a Jew?), THE KOTEL, Religious status quo.

#7) The Seven Universal Laws of Noah should be our guide in making public statements, e.g. support of a “moment of silence” in schools, etc.

#8) Limud HaTorah – outreach and inreach. To increase our focus in the development of SCHOLARSHIP – learning, teaching and the publication of Divrei Torah by members of the Igud.