Medical Referral and Halacha Hotline

In this time of remarkable medical advances, traditional Jews have to take greater care to benefit from these treatments with guidance from Torah authorities. Medical ethicists disagree about many different aspects of medical care. Jews need to consult with their ethicists, the great rabbonim and poskim who expend enormous effort to research the medical and Torah aspects of different treatments. Experts understand the benefits and risks, both medical and spiritual.

This is particularly important when decisions must be made about end-of-life treatments. Too often, doctors and hospitals balance the values of life and resources differently than the Torah. It is crucial that people ask halachic questions about end-of-life medical decisions so that the Torah values of life and patient dignity are upheld.

Igud HaRabbonim is proud to offer a confidential medical referral and halacha consultation service. Contact Rav Duvid Katz, Menahel of Igud HaRabbonim, who will bring your question to any of:

  • Rav Boruch Bender
  • Rav Aaron Glatt, MD
  • Rav Yisroel Kahan
  • Rav Simcha Silverman

This service is open to rabbis and members of the public. Everything will be dealt with sensitively and confidentially, so inquirers will feel comfortable that they are receiving the best information without compromising their privacy.

For more information about Medical issues, End-of-Life issues, Wills & Chevra Kadisha, please contact Rabbi David Katz at (212) 242-6420 or fill out the form below.