Igud HaRabbonim provides several services for patients, doctors and hospitals. Many hospital chaplains belong to the Igud HaRabbonim and offer assistance to everyone who reaches out to them in a variety of ways.

Halacha Questions:
Our rabbis answer all Halacha questions that doctors or patients may have across the spectrum of Jewish observance.
1) Pikuach nefesh – should you or should you not?
2) Shabbos – what is allowed and what is not?
3) Mitzvah observance in hospitals – what can be done and how?
4) Fertility – where to go and what is allowed?
5) Medical ethics – complicated questions that must be informed by the Jewish tradition

Emergency Room Help:
Igud HaRabbonim members are very involved in many emergency rooms and can help patients navigate the complex hospital systems.

Doctor Referrals:
Igud HaRabbonim members serve as chaplains in many hospitals, particularly in the greater New York area. They offer help with information on doctors and can refer you to the right Doctor.
Our connection will tell us which insurances are accepted and try to negotiate for private pay patients financially.

Patient Visits:
Rabbis visit and uplift spirits, adding a Torah element to a hospital stay and bringing good cheer to patients.